My name is Vic Ferrante, I’m a husband & father, 10 year pro athlete, professional instructor, mental performance coach, & owner of FERRANTE BASEBALL LLC.

Growing up, just like every other young ballplayer, I dreamt about becoming a Major League Baseball player. I was fortunate enough to have a father who was a pro athlete and who understood the importance of hard work and dedication. This would become my strength as an athlete and the reason for my successes.

Through my amateur years I excelled at every level as a two-way player, sporting a power arm on the mound, power bat in the box, and a competitive drive that was rarely matched. To say that I played with FIRE would be an understatement! If there is one thing I have learned from my 30 years in baseball, it is that every human being has untapped potential within them.

This is why I became a coach, to help shine light on what is possible for you. With this site I will share with you all I have learned and continue to learn such as; tips and tricks, full body workout programs, drills, nutrition guides, and mental performance courses!

Not only that, but I will provide you with BRAND NEW content every single month!

So, if you have the HUNGER for greatness...

Then let’s get started!!



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